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Welcome to the Harold Robinson Foundation.

The Harold Robinson Foundation was established based on the principle that each and every child, deserves an opportunity, no matter where they stand on the socioeconomic ladder. Through providing the funding and resources of a camp experience, HRF offers a safe and nurturing environment for our community’s impoverished children. HRF strives to create a sense of purpose and accomplishment in each individual, while working towards building communities through communication and support for schools and families.

Camp is a safe haven where youth can explore their fears and dreams and engage with other children and adults to build trust and self-worth.

The mission has grown from the simple hope of allowing youths to experience a camp for a weekend to investing in their futures, communities and families.

Camp Ubuntu: I am because we are.

The Harold Robinson Foundation has adopted the philosophy of Ubuntu as a tool to teach children the guiding principles of our foundation, which are: family, respect, unity and community.

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Throughout the retreat children participate in team building activities where they come to realize success is impossible without the help of a strong and positive support system.

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The Harold Robinson Foundation believes that real change is only possible if it’s being influenced by all aspects of a community. We take a more holistic approach by not only bringing kids to camp, but we bring some parents, teachers, school administrators, school volunteers, police officers, community activists, together in a neutral environment that fosters positive interactions and relationships not possible in everyday life inside their neighborhoods.

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As a child, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience camp. I remember those days as if they were yesterday. Both my children grew up at camp and I truly believe that they are who they are today in big part due to their camp experience. Having grown up in a very fortunate position, I realize daily, thanks in part to my work with the beautiful children of the inner city, that I take much for granted on a daily basis. It is my vision, that through our work, we can make a difference in the lives of so many children, that aren't as fortunate as I was growing up. It's a special thing to give back, and my life is focused on just that.

David Moss, President & Co-Founder

Being able to provide the opportunity for kids from our more impoverished communities to go to camp, something that so many kids take for granted where I grew up, is the realization of my dream to literally level the playing field for all children. Never in my wildest imagination could I have envisioned the impact that the Harold Robinson Foundation would have in the communities we are targeting. Being a witness to the positive transformation that so many of these kids experience at camp in real time is PRICELESS.

Jeff Robinson, Co-Founder

Working with the Harold Robinson Foundation has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself. The rewards are infinite and although my work with the foundation exposes me to more poverty, pain, and sadness than I would normally encounter in my daily life, it also exposes me to the positive side of the human spirit and the resilience of people who have so much less than I do. HRF has brought me an abundance of blessings. Joyce Hyser Robinson, Co-Founder