March 9, 2018 by admin 0

I have been working in youth development for over 5 years. I’ve worked with at-risk youth and adults in Central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Baltimore MD, and Watts. Since 2011, I’ve been heavily involved in the growth and development of my own nonprofit organization called Blessed&Appreciative. I can honestly say that the day I was welcomed into the Harold Robinson Foundation family was a day that altered the course of my life forever.

The Harold Robinson Foundation is the real deal. They don’t just “talk the talk”, they get down and work hard, extremely hard. They are leading a revolution of young community leaders who are “walking the walk” and leading by example. Their holistic approach to spreading UBUNTU and building community is done so in a way where everyone feels important and like they are a part of the family…from the students they work with to the counselors who work with the students, everyone is important and everyone is valued. As a member of the HRF team, I can say that Jeff and Joyce really care about you as a person. They care about the things that matter, like what you have inside of your heart, over the mistakes you may have made in your past. The empathy and compassion they have inside their hearts is simply inspiring…I hope to one day have a family like the Robinson family.