March 9, 2018 by admin 0

The Harold Robinson Foundation has changed the lives of hundreds of boys and girls in South Central Los Angeles. As a teacher in this area, I was not sure what to think four years ago when we were told we were going camping for 3 days and 2 nights at a place called Canyon Creek Sports Complex. A lot of organizations make big promises but often do not follow through. But the Harold Robinson Foundation was as good as their word and better! My students and I spent three days team building, learning leadership skills and finding the importance of compassion and unity. Our second year was even better, as was our third. We have just returned from our forth year at what is now called Camp Ubuntu. This experience could not have a better name. Ubuntu means “I am because we are” and that is what is taught and practiced. Aside from the amazing activities, including football, basketball, tennis, hiking, the ropes course, archery, fishing, night hikes with astronomy classes and the traditional campfire, the food was beyond excellent and the cabins were four star quality. All of this is provided free of charge to 100 forth and fifth grade students along with faculty and parents, each and every year. As a teacher, I then take this powerful experience and replicate it in the classroom all year long to encourage students to be free thinkers, to learn to make good choices, to do the right thing and to be a team, both in and out of the classroom. We are so blessed that the Harold Robinson Foundation has chosen Watts to be the focus of their philanthropy. What an amazing change they have brought about, not only in the lives of students and their parents, but to the faculty members that have been fortunate enough to be along for the ride. Anyone supporting this organization can be assured that their contributions are truly impacting the lives of others directly.