March 9, 2018 by admin 0

I work as the case manager at a nonprofit organization that provides creative writing classes to the kids incarcerated in the Los Angeles County juvenile halls and also provides reentry services and support to former students once they are released from custody. I had the privilege of meeting David Moss and Jeff and Joyce Robinson 3 years ago at a fundraising event and was immediately blown away by their work at The Harold Robinson and Camp Ubuntu. Given the nature of my work with currently and formerly incarcerated young people, I have always felt there needed to be more focus on intervention and prevention programs for at-risk youth. When I learned of the mission at The Harold Robinson Foundation, I knew immediately that this was an organization that fully understands the importance of reaching out to young people before they make horrible decisions that could detrimentally affect their futures.

The Harold Robinson Foundation provides a unique opportunity for under-privileged young people in impoverished communities to experience life in camp, something they’d likely not be able to enjoy otherwise. The kids initially enter the camp setting uncertain of what to expect and many have an aura of not wanting to be there since it is an unfamiliar environment for them. However, after 3 day retreats filled with team building exercises and bonding with their peers in various engaging activities that are completely foreign to them, each and every one of the kids leaves with a new sense of respect and appreciation for one another, and memories they hold onto once they return home. I know this because I’ve volunteered as a camp counselor at Camp Ubuntu and have witnessed the magic of the transformations these kids undergo during their stay at camp. As a grown man, I’ve always left camp with tears of joy after watching so many kids that have either suffered or have been exposed to neglect or some type of abuse surge with excitement and optimism after working closely with one another and the camp staff. If it’s always like that for me, imagine what it must be like for the kids The Harold Robinson Foundation and Camp Ubuntu serves! As much as I would like to try, there are no words adequate enough for me to fully articulate the wonders that take place at Camp Ubuntu other than it’s extraordinary and life-changing.

For anyone that is reading this, please do whatever you can to help support The Harold Robinson Foundation and Camp Ubuntu whether it’s with donations or with volunteering your time. Since our kids are the future, please do your part to help provide as many kids as possible with memorable and joyful childhood experiences that will also instill discipline and responsibility in them to carry into their adolescence and adulthood. Please consider contributing to The Harold Robinson Foundation.