March 9, 2018 by admin 0

Attending Camp Canyon Creek, has been the most valuable experience my inner city students have participated in. The love, caring, and nurturing brought out the best in these wonderful children. Many of our kids come from very disadvantaged families and would never have a chance to experience anything like this.

From the moment they arrive and are greeted with warm caring people, to the last minute when we drive away, the staff is there cheering the students on. The students learn so much about fishing, sports, teamwork, helpings others, hiking, dancing, rope climbing, surviving in the wild, arts and crafts, cooking, swimming, animals, and how to treat others. All this is done with the idea of “I can, because we can.” Everyone is there to help each other. This wonderful positive attitude transfers over to their everyday life. Right now, I am teaching another grade but when the camp “family” sees me, they are so much happier and nicer.

Parents, who attend, are shown ways to encourage their students in a very positive manner. How we relate to each other affects our self-esteem. At school, I see changes in how parents and students interact with each other after they come back from camp. The world is a better place.

When I bring my class up to read with 5th grade reading buddies, the camp students are so kind, patient, thoughtful with their younger peers. It has been said that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Well, Canyon Creek has been that village for Raymond Avenue Students. I truly thank you.