March 9, 2018 by admin 0

The Harold Robinson foundation is at the cutting edge of culture change within our Los Angeles education system and communities being disproportionally effected by poverty, academic failures and incarceration. HRF founders and staff put their heart and soul into delivering transformational experiences for children who are lost, forgotten, traumatized and who often don’t have caring and consistent adults in their life for guidance. The founders, staff and counselors at Camp Ubuntu are that rock. There is absolutely no one in Los Angeles county that provides this service to our children. One is mistaken if they see Camp Ubhntu simply as a summer camp – what really results from Camp Ubuntu is community renewal. Generations of negative outcomes are being replaced by elementary, middle and high school graduations. Children now have positive outlets to develop their passions and enjoy successes. The Harold Robinson Foundation is on the front lines of revolutionary change – in our schools, our communities and our juvenile justice system.