March 9, 2018 by admin 0

My name is Priscilla Currie and I am the Principal of 92nd Street Elementary School. My school has had the privilege of attending Camp Ubuntu for the past three years. We are so grateful to the Harold Robinson Foundation for selecting and funding this adventure for our school. Camp Ubuntu has been an amazing experience for my students, staff, parents and family. The atmosphere is great, but what really make this trip an unforgettable experience is the people.

This camp helped to encourage and motivate the entire 92nd Street School Community. With the support of the staff our students, staff and parents were able to overcome many obstacles, and they took this same determination back to the school. There were a lot of team building activities that also flowed over to the school. Relationships were developed and parents became more involved and felt more connected to the school. Students were not only excited, but are more determined to overcome obstacle they face. Students have shared that they can hear Camp Mom pushing them to excellence. The nurturing, skills and guidance will help ensure that our students experience life long success.

In addition parents have the opportunity to attend a six week Parent Seminar, also funded by the Harold Robinson Foundation. Parents are learning to take care of themselves, so that can take care of their families. Parents are taught skills to help them develop better relationships with their children and spouse. Lives are changing as a result of these workshops, including mine. These are the types of workshops that help to bridge and change communities.

To the Harold Robinson Foundation and Camp Ubuntu we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the experience, love and adventure. Words along cannot express the gratitude we feel. Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!