March 9, 2018 by admin 0

I am a professional and have been involved in the non-profit world for several years. I am currently the Chair of InsideOUT Writers and I sit on the Board of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. The Harold Robinson Foundation is by far the most extraordinary organization I have ever witnessed or been a part of. They change peoples lives. Lots of people. They have an incredible impact on their target population, inner city elementary and middle schoolers, their teachers and families. One of the unique qualities is that many of the counselors, mostly in their early 20s, are from these same communities and have faced and overcome hardship. Many were formerly incarcerated, giving them a unique perspective. This is an opportunity for these counselors, those providing the primary services, to “give back”, as well as an opportunity to work, be of service and feel empowered by their contribution. The owners, operators, board and community support for this camp is out of this world. Every time there is rewarding, impactful, enriching and fulfilling. The programming is thoughtful, provocative and balances fun with thinking, feeling, team-building and inspiration. The facility is a gorgeous nature refuge. Fresh air, mountains, greenery and seclusion. HRF commits to the same schools, having them back to camp every year, sometimes multiple times per year, follows the kids back to their communities, building a meaningful and lasting connection, with continuity. I am yet to meet someone who does not LOVE HRF and the operators, Jeff, Joyce and David. They have built a new model and should win humanitarian awards. HRF is smart and all heart and builds real community in Los Angeles. HRF is a big warm hug to the world.